Gif Bomber is a weekend project of Adam Evers and Josiah Austin Gulden. Our friends created Can I Stay With You While I Rent My Place On AirBnb and when it blew up on Product Hunt and got all sorts of press, we got super jelly. This is our answer to the gross sense of inferiority we felt in response to their success.


One Friday night - Adam saw Goat Attack in the WTF category on Product Hunt. He immediately thought why in the hell are these not gifs? These should be gifs. GifBomber.com was born.


Adam hacked the backend that night, Josiah slapped the design together on a Sunday afternoon, and the rest, as they say, falls horribly shy of history.


Okay TechCrunch, do your thing.

refund policy

If it doens't work. We're sorry. We tried our best. All sales are final. <3

"privacy policy"

We couldn't care less about your personal information. We need a number to send the picture messages (gifs) to and that's it. We WILL NOT sell or share you information to/with anyone. We don't store any personal information either.

terms of use

Don't be a jerk and abuse the system please. Only send gifs to people you know and have a phone number for, k? Thx. <3 you.


We are not responsible for any carrier data charges you or your recipient(s) may incur while using our service.